Why don’t you kill a floor tile?: It’s not really killing a floor 2

An Ottawa-based artist has created an adorable piece of flooring with the help of her husband, who is also an artist.

The pair wanted to create something that would be a “great addition to any flooring cabinet or kitchen” but also add a bit of personality to the space.

“We wanted something that wasn’t so hard to put on but still was a great piece of artwork,” said Danielle Moulton.

The couple’s new flooring is made from polyurethane tile, which they said they used to decorate a wall at their house in 2016.

( Danielle Moultons Architects) Danielle Mollons Architects and Floor Tile Group have been working on their new floor for about a year, with the couple planning to have it installed in their new home next year.

They’ve created a concept that shows how the floor would look with a pair of large wooden floor spikes.

The spikes would form a “vase” shape that would have a natural curve.

“The idea was to create an abstract, minimalist design that is meant to evoke the feeling of space,” Mollings said in a statement.

“The spikes are meant to stand out against the walls and would have natural curves.”

The floor tiles would then be mounted to a pair, which would then create a “vanishing” effect.

The floor tile would then also act as a “natural backdrop” for the work.

“It’s just a way to evoke a sense of space and a sense that there is no floor,” Moulons said.

“You can’t go back in time.”

Danielle Mowlons Architects (left) and Floor-Tile Group founder, Danielle Moltons Architects, with a floor.

(Courtesy Danielle Molts Architects) Mollington said the idea came from the two of them wanting to create a floor that could “speak for itself” and was “in keeping with the overall aesthetic” of the house.

“I don’t want it to just be an image that pops up,” she said.

The result is a floor with an “inorganic and abstract” feel.

The “vanished” effect was created by Mollys husband, Daniel.

(Danielle Mollon) “It doesn’t matter what the floor looks like — what’s the point of having a floor if it’s just something to sit there on?”

Mollsons said she and Moulon would like to create flooring that is “designed to stand in your living room or kitchen and still feel like it’s on a different level.”

Moll’s work has been featured on The Globe and Mail, CBC News, CBC Radio One, and CBC Arts.

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