How to Make a Flooring Box in Just 5 Minutes

4.5 of 5 people found this review helpful My wife loves her flooring!

by Jody from United States I bought this flooring box for our house.

She has 3 cats and loves to curl up with them on the couch.

This flooring is very easy to clean.

I used a nail gun and it took about an hour and a half to get everything off the floor.

The only thing that was left was a couple of scratches from the nails.

I just put some old towels over them and covered them with new towels.

I was able to do it in under an hour!

It took me about an hours and a 1/2 hour job.

The quality is very good and I think it is very worth it.

It is so easy to do.

I would recommend this to anyone!

by Brian from New Hampshire I bought these for our family to use for a Christmas gift for my husband.

It was a great deal at a good price.

It’s easy to use and clean.

The price is reasonable.

I think this product is good for the price and will last for many years.

by Susan from United Kingdom I bought the rug rug box for my house and I LOVE it.

We had it for about 6 months and I love it.

My son loves it too.

I have had it on and off for about 4 years now.

We put it in our living room for his birthday, birthday party and so many other events.

We have a little one and it is a big deal for him to have his own.

He loves to sit on it, so I’m sure he will use it often.

By the way, it’s very easy for him too.

The carpet is so soft and it has so much love and attention from his dog.

We will be buying more of these and will recommend them to others.

by Amy from United states This is my first purchase and I am so happy with my purchase.

My husband loves the rug box.

It has been perfect for him and we love that he can just come and lay in bed and just lay on it.

He even has the option of using the back of the box to sleep on.

We love that it comes in handy on our weekend getaways.

It works great for our yard too.

We are happy with our purchase.

by Erin from United STATES I bought my daughter’s room carpet for her birthday a few weeks ago.

The rug box was a perfect solution to her need to have her room carpet professionally finished.

I love the feel of the rug and the quality of the product.

My daughter loves her room.

It makes her feel like she has a real home and we are both satisfied.

by Jennifer from United state This is an awesome product!

I bought it for my brother’s wedding and it was easy to install.

It took about 45 minutes and it came out perfectly.

The product is amazing and is worth every penny.

I highly recommend it!

by Erin From United States This rug box is great!

I was looking for a nice, cheap way to clean up my yard after our house got remodeled, so we were looking for something that was easy and affordable.

I bought a rug box from Floormate and have been loving it.

I had to have it professionally cleaned twice and the carpet is great and feels good.

I am glad I did because my yard looks so beautiful with the new floor.

I use it for all my guests and it doesn’t feel like I am cleaning a pile of dirty carpet.

We’ve only had it a few months and it’s been great, so far.

By far, the best rug box purchase I have made!

by Karen from United State This is so useful, and is so cheap!

We had a lot of issues with our carpet getting old and moldy, so this rug box came in handy.

It takes about 15 minutes to clean, and it works perfectly for us!

By far the best thing I have purchased from Floomate, and I will definitely be buying from them again.

by Jessica from United South Carolina This is a wonderful product!

We purchased this rug for my daughter-in-law’s wedding.

I LOVE the way the rug feels, and the durability and feel of it.

The best part is the easy-to-use product.

The box itself was easy enough to clean as well.

I’m so pleased with the quality, value, and quick delivery!

I’m looking forward to getting a lot more of Floormates products.

by Nancy from United St. Louis, MO I love my rug box!

I purchased a rug for our wedding, and am glad we did.

The color and feel are amazing.

The company is so nice, and they know how to get the job done right.

I will recommend Floomates to everyone.

by Emily from United California I am not an avid yardworker, but when I was a teenager,

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