Wood floors can be made into a metallic floor color

I know, I know.

Wood floors aren’t really a floor color.

I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen the term “wood floor” in a print article.

But a recent article in the Los Angeles Times describes a new floor color technology that has the potential to turn old wooden floors into metallic floors.

The article described a project that uses “epoxy to make a metallic, metallic-looking surface,” but that wasn’t the only story in the Times about the idea of making floors metallic.

According to the Times, the idea began to gain traction after an old floor in a commercial building had been covered in paint.

That painting had turned into a “sad, smelly, and expensive surface,” according to the article.

The metallic floor technology would work by coating the metal, which would be bonded to the wood floor, with epoxy.

The metal would then be sprayed with a paint thinner, which can be applied to wooden floors.

The paint thinner would be applied on top of the epoxy, and the epoxied floor would eventually turn metallic.

If the metallic floors are metallic, the process can be done faster than traditional epoxy treatments.

The Times article said that the process would be done in “few hours,” but the paper didn’t provide any specifics about when the metallic floor could be installed or when the process could be expanded.

It’s unclear how quickly metallic floors could be made, but a company called Metallic Epoxy told Business Insider that it has a process that it said is faster than epoxy in the past.

The idea of metallic floors isn’t new.

In the 1920s, the company used wood to make floors in its offices, the Times reported.

It also made wooden floors for the Smithsonian and the Los Angles Zoo in the 1980s.

In the late 1990s, a company named Epoxy Products made a metal floor that the company dubbed “Rusty Wood.”

The company also made a metallic paint for the Los Santos Police Department in 2009.

In 2013, the National Guard in Alabama ordered Epoxy to add “Rustic Wood” to its fleet of patrol cars.

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