Microsoft says Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book will have “bigger” screens, thinner laptops, smaller notebooks, thinner keyboards, thinner PCs

Microsoft says that it will introduce its next generation of Surface products later this year, including its newest tablet, Surface 3.

In the same way, it will also introduce a new Surface Pro, and a new version of the Surface Book, and another Surface Pro and Surface Book.

Those two new devices will also come with a new keyboard and screen, Microsoft says.

The new Surface Pros and the Surface Pro will be the first devices to offer “more than 2,500 hours of battery life,” Microsoft says in a press release.

And they’ll be the most powerful and efficient devices to use.

But in order to get those batteries to last as long as they can, Microsoft will need to improve its performance.

That means it will need some changes to its processors and chipsets, and it will have to upgrade its software to take advantage of those improvements.

For starters, Microsoft’s new Surface Book is going to have a larger battery than its predecessor.

But that battery will be less than half as powerful, and Microsoft is promising a “lighter” Surface Book in the future.

And as we’ve previously reported, Microsoft is still planning to release a “low-power” version of its Surface Book with a slightly smaller battery than the current Surface Book model, which is the one with the larger screen.

(That device, the Surface RT, has already shipped with a larger screen than the new Surface 3.)

Microsoft is also planning to change the way its new Surface hardware performs on its processor and chips.

The company says it is changing the way the Surface 3’s ARM processor and its Nvidia Tegra 4 chip perform, and the same changes are planned for its next-generation Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro 2 will be slightly faster than its predecessors in some aspects, but will also be significantly less efficient than the Surface 2 Pro.

Microsoft says it will offer a new “Surface 4” tablet this year that will use the ARM processor.

But while the Surface 4 tablet will be significantly faster than the iPad Pro, it won’t be as efficient.

“The Surface 4 will offer more power, but not at the expense of battery performance,” Microsoft’s press release says.

That’s because the Surface 5 tablet will have a smaller battery, and that’s because it’s expected to be thinner and lighter than the previous generation.

Microsoft’s next Surface will also have a slightly higher resolution display than its previous devices.

And it will come with an additional display and processor.

In other words, the next Surface Pro could have a bigger screen and battery.

Microsoft plans to release its Surface devices in 2017, and they’ll ship in a limited number of configurations.

In early 2018, Microsoft plans the devices to ship with a more powerful processor, with the ability to perform some kinds of multitasking and use its own camera to take photos and videos.

And by the time the new products ship, Microsoft expects the Surface line to have sold more than 10 million Surface Pro devices.

But at that point, it’s unclear whether Microsoft will offer any special discounts to Surface Pro users.

“If Microsoft is able to sell the Surface lines in bulk in the near term, the company may not offer any meaningful discounts to consumers who buy Surface Pro units in bulk,” analyst Ben Fritz wrote in a note to clients this week.

The changes to the Surface lineup will be announced at a future date, but the company is not planning to announce any changes to other parts of its hardware business.

In particular, the new hardware will likely not be available until after the holidays.

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