How to Create a Lowes Laminate Flooring Wallpaper from Scratch

I love how lowes laminated flooring wallpapers look.

They are so clean, and yet, they still look beautiful when stacked on a wall.

I have created a lowes wallpaper that features a laminate, which is the flat sheet that comes with the laminate.

You can either purchase a laminated or flat sheet, but the lowes one is the best. 

It has a unique feel to it, and you can choose from different colors to achieve the look you want. 

To make your lowes wallpaper, follow these simple steps:Step 1: Lay out your lowest wallpapersStep 2: Use the laser engraving technique to add some characterStep 3: Repeat Step 2Step 4: Cut your laminate sheet into 4 piecesStep 5: Fold each piece into the other, leaving 1/4 inch extra for the lidStep 6: Paint your low-lumen wallpaper using a clear lacquer or clear acrylic paintStep 7: Leave the laminated wallpaper in place for 3-5 days, or up to a week if it is too thick.

If you like the look, you can always clean it with a damp cloth and use a dry sponge or cotton ball to remove the excess laminate and finish off your wallpaper.

If not, you could use a spray adhesive and leave it in place. 

You can buy lowes laminates for your home, office, or even for your business. 

If you want to make your own, you just need a laser engrave technique and a few tools to make a cheap laminate stencil.

I made a few lowes stencil for my business, and I love that they make them so easy to do.

They even come with a few tips on how to make them. 

Make a Lowed Laptop Wallpaper by Lying on a Floor.

You will need:2 sheets of lowes flat laminate (I used a cheap, laminated laminate)2 sheets black acrylic paint (I found this at Lowes)1 paint brush (or spray adhesive)2 paint bags (or a brush and a bottle of paint)Step 1.

Lay out the wallpapers.

I like to use a lamination sheet because it allows me to add character to my wallpaper.

I find it looks more like a flat sheet when I do this, so I lay them flat on a flat surface.

I also like to paint them with black acrylic so they will look black when they dry.

Step 2.

Use a laser to add an accent colorStep 3.

Use the paintbrush or spray adhesive to add a decorative detailStep 4.

Repeat step 3Step 5.

Repeat for all of the laminatesStep 6.

Use dry sponge to remove excess laminated materialStep 7.

Paint the laminator paper using clear lacquersStep 8.

Lay the laminais flat on your floor and paint with black spray adhesiveStep 9.

Repeat steps 7 and 8Step 10.

Allow to dry for 3 hoursStep 11.

Allow them to dry a day before paintingStep 12.

Paint your wallpapers using clear acrylicStep 13.

Apply dry acrylic over the laminationStep 14.

Let dry for at least one weekStep 15.

Apply the finished wallpaperStep 16.

Repeat the processStep 17.

Allow it to dry in the sunStep 18.

Paint a lamp or light source using the same methodStep 19.

Place the laminates in a container or shelf.

Step 20.

Let them sit for a few months before usingStep 21. Enjoy!

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