Wood floor tiles may be a ‘good solution’ for Melbourne’s earthquake scare

A new type of wood floor tiles could be a better solution to Melbourne’s recent earthquake scare, the ABC has learned.

The wooden flooring has a special chemical compound that helps seal off cracks and provide a natural seal to help prevent soil erosion.

It could also help protect the city’s historic buildings, including the Carlton Hotel, which was built on the site of the Carlton Barracks.

“The material is a bit more expensive and more complicated than traditional flooring,” said architect Chris Tullis.

“But it’s probably the best solution for Melbourne because it’s the least expensive, the least labour intensive and the most environmentally friendly.”

The flooring is made from wood chips and then baked.

It is then soaked in chemicals and baked again.

The chemicals that are used to make it are called “hydroxyalkyl-methyl silanes”, which are widely used in construction.

The tiles have a special compound that protects against soil erosion, but they could also act as a natural barrier to prevent building collapseA spokesperson for the Melbourne Urban Renewal Authority said it was working on a plan to make the tiles a viable option for buildings.

“It’s not a perfect solution, but it is a very good option,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re working on that.”

Mr Tulli said the tiles were a “very safe and easy” alternative to traditional floor tiles, and they were an alternative that would be used in many buildings.

“I think they will do the job,” he said.

“Theres no problem with the fact they are very strong and durable.”

The spokesperson said the city was looking at options to make new wooden floor structures to help deal with the earthquake damage.

“A lot of them are still under construction,” the spokeswoman said.

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