What is the best way to keep the carpet from getting wet?

Carpet floor mats have long been touted as the solution to dampening the floors of many homes, but research from the UK has revealed they do little to dampen the dampness of carpet floors.

While the best carpet floor mats for damping damp floors can be found for around £80-100, they’re often too thick and can easily become a nuisance to the housemates.

The good news is that a number of different carpet floor mat brands have been released over the years to offer a range of options for the price of one.

Here are some of the best ones on the market. 


Gluconium mats (Carnival Floor Mats) Carnivals floor mats are one of the more popular options, but these mats are quite expensive, with a starting price of £85.

These mats are designed to cover up carpet floors so you don’t have to worry about dampening floors.

However, they do make a huge difference to the damping of carpet floor surfaces, as they are designed with a damping surface in mind.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, try the Carpet Mats 2 (£80-115) or the Lemon mats ($65-85). 


Felt floor mats (Klippel floor mats) The Klippel mat is a cheaper option than the Carnival Floor Mats but it’s a little heavier, and it doesn’t offer the same level of coverage. 

The Felt mat is also a bit harder to remove from carpet flooring, so if you’re not keen to spend the extra money on a mat, the Klippels have a different option for you. 


Damp carpet mat (Kluikl floor mats).

These mats come in a range from the cheapest £25-£40, and they’re ideal for carpeting floors that are wet or have been washed in the sink. 


Caulk mat (Lambrusco floor mats), made by Gluon (Klaipeda floor mats): This is one of a number the companies make to provide the best of both worlds.

These Caulks are designed for carpet floors with a waterlogged surface and a damp floor, so they can be very effective in damping carpet floors if used properly. 


Lining mat (Bourjois floor mats: $130-150): These Lining mats are great for carpet floor tiles and are available in a wide range of colours, which can help to make your floor tiles look more unique. 


Damp carpet mats (Pelvic Floor Mats).

Pelvic floor mats use a mixture of carpeting flooring with a waterproof membrane to help dampen floors.

This is the mat that you will want to buy if you want the best quality and the best fit.

The Pelvic Floor Mat 2 ($125-130) is the cheapest option available, but you’ll also need to pay extra if you have a more expensive mat. 


Rubber floor mat Rubbers are a great way to help reduce the dampening effect of carpet, as their high quality materials make them soft enough to be used in a variety of different ways.

However these are expensive, and you’ll need to consider a budget for them if you don’s have a big budget. 


Rubber floor mats These rubber floor mats can be purchased from various manufacturers, and come in all shapes and sizes. 


Wet carpet mat This rubber mat is used to help control the surface of the carpet so you can control the amount of water that enters the carpet.

You can also use this mat to cover the carpet if it gets damp or you want it to stay dry when the floor mats dry. 


Wet floor mat, Laminates This is a wet floor mat that comes in a different colour to the Carnival floor mats. 


Wet mat, rubber floor mat and Laminats These are the mats that are used to dry carpet floors, so you’ll want to use them for carpet that is wet or damp and not just carpet that’s dry.

These are the best mats to buy for damp floors, as you won’t need to spend extra on them to keep your floors damp. 


Wet Floor Mats These mats are used in many different ways to damp the carpet floor, and have a wide variety of colours to choose from.

The mats come with a wide selection of colours and can be used to cover different areas of the floor, such as doors, windows and ceilings. 


Wet foam mat Foam mats are available from many manufacturers, but they can vary in price.

They’re also available in different colours, and can help you to keep a uniform colour on the carpet in the same room. 


Wet mats, Lamiels These foam mats are

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