5 Best Things to Do for Halloween 2018

A pair of white, leather couches, one with a white face and the other with a pink face, sit on top of a black dresser in the living room of a house in Westchester County, New York. 

The dresser is decorated with Halloween decorations and includes a silver, red, and blue Halloween mask with an old-fashioned face and a skull. 

Two of the couches are filled with white fabric. 

A white Halloween mask stands on a black table with a skull in the center. 

Black candles decorate a small table in the room. 

“I like to make things fun and creative for my kids,” says Ashley, a mother of three who lives with her husband and three children in the suburban New York city of Waverly. 

In addition to Halloween decorations, Ashley makes a Halloween cake, which is made with cake flour, cocoa powder, and butter and baked in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius). 

“It’s not something you see every year, but you get a really good look at,” Ashley says. 

Ashley has an older brother and three sisters, all of whom she calls “super sweet,” and the family has lived in the same home for years. 

But in the winter months, the house can get a little chilly, so Ashley decided to bring her family back to their old home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, which she called “home” during her first marriage. 

With a little help from friends and family, Ashley decided that the two bedrooms could be moved, making it easier for her to be closer to her family. 

 The move was done over Thanksgiving, but Ashley says the move had an effect on her son, whom she describes as “very bright” and a good athlete. 

She says the younger boy, who is now 7, is now “more accepting of others than he was before.” 

“We’ve had a really hard time, really,” Ashley explains. 

During her first trip to West Chester in 2015, Ashley says she was worried about the health of her two young sons, who were suffering from respiratory illnesses. 

When Ashley brought her family to the new home, she says she found out that the kids had been taking their medicine for a long time. 

At the time, Ashley was living with her older sons and said the house was filled with children and their mothers, who all had asthma. 

While the house is a good fit for her sons, Ashley and her husband have since changed their plans for the house. 

One of the bedrooms is now a bedroom with a window that overlooks a pond. 

Another room is now available for Ashley and two of her sons to go for walks and to spend time together. 

Her sons now have a place to play outside. 

Other than the addition of a bedroom and window, the rest of the house remains in the old house.

Ashley says she is glad that her children have a safe space to spend quality time with friends and that the house has been renovated. 

For now, Ashley is still able to enjoy her Halloween decorating adventures, but she has to plan ahead and make sure she does not miss out on any of the fun. 

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