‘Fake wood floor lamp’ sparks outrage at US, Australia

A new type of floor lamp is sparking outrage in Australia, prompting calls for tougher safety measures.

The $20,000 “crystal” floor lamp features fake wood floors that look like they have been painted and has a hollow shape that creates an illusion of wood.

ABC News reports the lamp has been used by a number of people who live in the US and Australia, including a couple in Sydney who used it to get the kids to school.

“It’s pretty dangerous,” the husband told the ABC.

“I was a little scared when it was installed, but it’s worked great for me.”

A photo posted by Josh H (@joshhboston) on Oct 31, 2018 at 8:40am PDT A photo from the internet shows a crystal floor lamp.

ABC/ABC News The ABC has reached out to the manufacturer for comment.

The Australian government says it’s not in a position to regulate the lamp, saying it’s up to manufacturers to come up with safe and effective products.

“There is no law in Australia or in the world that requires us to regulate these products,” Industry Minister Andrew Robb told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“But we do have some laws that we’ve put in place that we want to see in place.”

Australia’s Consumer Product Safety Commission has also launched an investigation.

It’s investigating the “crystals” floor lamps.

The lamp was spotted at the Melbourne International Fair earlier this year, when the owners claimed it had been tested and found to be safe.

“This is a real floor lamp,” said Josh H, who bought the lamp.

“My husband bought this for Christmas.

It looks like it was bought by someone from China.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says it will be investigating the Australian company, which was not immediately available for comment on Friday.

“We have contacted the company and they are currently working with us to ensure that the lamp does not violate Australian safety laws,” ACCC chair Lisa Dixon said.

“If there is any other information that we may need from them, we will pass it on.”

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