Why you shouldn’t be wearing gym mats on the floor

People who use gym mats to store food, clothing and other items should not be.

They may not be aware that the mats are made from wood, according to an article published by the National Centre for Fitness Research.

The National Centre on Exercise and Health (NCFI) published an article on its website last week called “Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Gym Mats on the Floor.”

The article, entitled “Don’t be a Gymmat Sinner,” asks, “Do you want to keep your belongings clean, dry and in good shape?

Do you want your equipment to be safe and in excellent condition?”

It also warns people to avoid gym mats because they may “contaminate your personal belongings.”

“Gym mats are not designed to be cleaned, disinfected or sterilised,” the article states.

“Gym owners, manufacturers and retailers should be aware of the potential hazards posed by these materials.”

The NCFI said in a statement that it “believes that a wide variety of products and materials can be made from natural wood,” and that people should be able to choose what products they want to use.

“The majority of the materials in this category do not have the same potential for contaminants as gym mats, so there is no need to avoid them at all costs,” the statement reads.

It adds, “If you are looking for a gym mat that is suitable for a specific purpose and the mats themselves are not suitable for that purpose, you should consult with your local gym or gym manager before using it.”

In a separate article published on the NCFI website, the organization said it was “deeply concerned about the increasing use of gym mats and their impact on human health.”

“We are concerned that people are choosing to wear gym mats as an alternative to clean, sanitised, dry, and sterilised floor mats,” it said.

“These mats may contain a high amount of contaminants and pose a risk to people’s health and wellbeing, and can contain lead, cadmium, mercury, lead, zinc, cadmia and other metals that pose a higher risk to children and the elderly.”

It goes on to say that people with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and those with diabetes should be cautious when choosing gym mats.

The article concludes, “It is our view that most gym mats are designed for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitary and hygiene purposes, and should not attract any particular level of attention.”

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